The Law of Commitment

I received some junk e-mail yesterday, nothing unusual about that.  I usually hit delete but every once in awhile I do open a piece of junk.  Something catches my eye.   Yesterday’s e-mail hook was “mind movies” based on the Secret and the Law of Attraction.   It all boils down to the power of positive thinking, putting it out there and waiting for the Universe to respond.

The e-mail contained a little video from two folks in San Diego who are promoting mind movies as a way of utilizing the Law of Attraction to manifest and realize desire.   For a fee they will produce your mind movie.   I am the first one on board with the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking.   So I watched a bit of the video.  

The host, whose name escapes me (he was that impressive), went to a mind movie client’s home to get her testimonial and the results from her mind movie.  As a result of her mind movie, she manifested $7,500 and a new place to live.   The money was repayment of a loan to a former boyfriend and the new place to live came about through a referral.   As she was not expecting to be repaid and the referral came out of the blue, her mind movie worked.  

My first thought was “this is marketing genius!”    People want things and they want those things to come to them without effort.  That is the great appeal of the Law of Attraction.   We write down our goals, we write down our dreams, we write down our visions and we put it out there.   I do it all the time.  Because people have faith in the power of the universe to fulfill our dreams, the mind movie developers see this as an opportunity to make a quick buck by convincing the general public that they need help to do what they can already do for themselves.

The Law of Attraction, the power of positive thinking, daily affirmations, it is all the same thing.  It is prayer.   We pray for the things we want and expect the Universe, the Higher Power, whatever you want to call it, to give it to us just because we asked for it.  I believe, though, that the Universe helps those who help themselves.  I believe that the Universe doesn’t just hand us things on a silver platter.   It likes to know that we have a plan of action, that when we put something out there we also put ourselves out there and do the work to attain it.  It’s not Burger King where you can place your order and have it your way.  The Universe wants to see commitment.

A few years ago, I was in desperate need of a receptionist for our office.  I brought in a temporary worker to cover the desk while I conducted interviews for the position.   After a month or so, I realized that the temp, Jason, was better than any of the candidates walking in the door.   I also understood that this young man did not want to be a receptionist.   Jason wanted to be a film maker.  So we struck a deal.  If he would give me a year’s worth of work at the reception desk, I would be flexible with his time when film opportunities came his way.  We both put it out there and were clear about our desires.   I needed a good receptionist.  He wanted to work in the film industry but needed money to live.   What happened? 

Jason worked for me for over a year.  During that time, he managed to land a part-time job in the evenings teaching film making at Columbia College.  He kept his end of the bargain and worked hard.  I kept my end of the bargain and gave him flexible hours so he could pursue his film making career.   The Law of Attraction worked for us both and finally he was able to afford to make his leap.   Together we committed to the plan, we achieved what we wanted, and it was to our mutual benefit.

What do I now wish to manifest?  I want to write creatively.  And so I write.   I write in my job, I write as part of a writing group, I journal and I blog.    I made a personal commitment to myself to write and post to my blog twice a week.  Even more specific, I made a commitment to post something every Tuesday and Friday.   The Universe recognizes my effort and is willing to help me along.  

·         Saturday rolls around and I start thinking, “what am I going to write for Tuesday?”  I scribble out a few paragraphs but they don’t sing to me.   

·         Sunday morning comes and panic starts to creep in “what AM I going to write for Tuesday?”  I open my senses to pick up an insight while I go about my day.

·         Morning turns into afternoon.   Afternoon turns into evening and I think “Ohmigod, I have writing group Monday and I won’t have time to write my blog.   I need to do this now and I’ve got nothing!”

And then the Universe steps in.   It sees that I have a desire to write, it knows that I have a plan and that I am committed to that plan.  So it sends me a sign….like a piece of junk e-mail about mind movies.  Suddenly my mind clears and I connect the dots.   I write my piece, I have my say and Tuesday night I post. 

And for a brief second, I feel good.  I feel accomplished.

And then the edginess starts in again, “What am I going to write for Friday?”

This is beads of sweat on the forehead effort!   And that’s okay.   Because I know that the Universal Divine Mind is with me and will see me through.

Will I get suckered in and make a mind movie?   No way.  I already have a direct connection to the Universal Divine Mind, in fact we all do!

The reason I won’t get suckered in is because I have faith.   I have faith in Divine Connection.  I have faith that whether or not anyone cares to read my words they are healing words for me.   I have faith writing makes me a better person.   I have faith that by setting goals I will manifest my desire to write.  I have faith that whatever my needs and goals may be, I will formulate a plan to achieve them.  I have faith the Universal Divine Mind will help me out.  That faith is my commitment.  And I have faith that the Law of Attraction will work if I have commitment.


  1. Comment by Susan Kozem

    Posted on August 12, 2009 at 8:30 am

    I know exactly what you mean! If all I see is a white screen, similar to your “writers block,” I “pray for guidance” and then observe… it will come!

  2. Comment by Susan Kozem

    Posted on August 12, 2009 at 8:30 am

    I know exactly what you mean! If all I see is a white screen, similar to your “writers block,” I “pray for guidance” and then observe… it will come!

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