Random Thoughts

1.       Walking past the UIC Forum today, I smelled the manure spread in the newly landscaped garden.   It reminded me that God is a farmer.  She too gives us shit to help us grow.


2.       In her book A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman defines happiness as the absence of pain.  I think happiness comes when we recognize the value of pain, accept its lesson and thereby overcome it.  See #1.


3.       I discovered the poetry of Mary Oliver this weekend.  What else have I been missing in my life?


4.       For the last line of her poem Phillip’s Birthday Mary wrote “You give, and you are given”.     Yes.


5.       Facebook gave me a suggestion to add a friend.  It was an ex-boyfriend and a good reminder I need to purge my gmail contact list.


6.       There were six squad cars at the end of my block Friday afternoon.  I saw four squad cars at the corner of Roosevelt and Halsted Sunday morning.  I do not like this trend.


7.       A young man I am acquainted with recently started his own blog to document his spiritual journey.  His first post was full of obscenities.   I didn’t get it.


8.       I was referred to another blog, a daily blog.   Some entries are just one profound thought or sentence.  This I got.  Less can be more.


9.       I hope that if someone doesn’t “get” my blog, that they will have the kindness to tell me so I can improve.


10.   When I was young I always thought you had to be old to be wise.  Now that I am older the wisest people I know are young.


11.   I finished reading Jonathan Tropper’s book This is Where I Leave You.   It is the story of a man sitting shiva for his father right after he discovers his wife is having an affair.   I discovered that emotionally men are not so different from women after all.


12.   Often I cleanse the energy of my home, smudging with sage and cedar.  But even after that, there is nothing better than a good scrubbing with Murphy’s Oil Soap.


13.   As part of the work I am doing in my writing group, I set my intention or vision for the future.  It made me realize that there is a soul companion who has been lurking in the background in my dreams.  I haven’t seen this person yet but he keeps showing up.  In my next lucid dream I will remember to say hello.

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