Autumn Love

In the pre-dawn fog, Birch summons me.

Luminous in the dark, “Look at me!”  he shouts.

Lighting my way.

Does he do this for everyone?

Am I as special to him as he is to me?

Barefoot in the shelter of the earth,

Wind in his hair, he winks at me.

Grateful I am awake,

An audience for his early morning radiance.

Mid-day, his demeanor changes.

Rapt at attention, a silent sentinel

Against the red garment of Maple.

It suits him.

Aching to know his secret my mind soars.

Aloft in his branches I feel the heat of the sun

And share in the delight of brushing the sky.

A breeze softens my gaze,

Leaves sing with autumn music.

I am smitten.

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