A New Year of Magic

Today is a day of magic.”   I wrote those words the other day as a reminder to myself to look for the beauty, grace and magic in all things as I moved throughout my day.  That was three days ago.   I spent the last few days on the alert.   My eyes squinted and searched for something special.   My ears strained to catch and analyze every noise.  I walked, I stopped, I looked, and I listened.  Everything was unchanged.   Everything seemed ordinary.   I worried that I had lost my connection.

Today, this first day of the New Year, I went to the grocery store to pick up more boxes for my move.  My little car doesn’t hold much so it was actually my third trip to the store over the last three days.  When I called the store earlier this week to ask about getting boxes, the customer service representative explained the procedure to me.   Overnight the workers restock the shelves and at 6:00 a.m. they bale up the boxes for disposal.   If I wanted boxes, I needed to get to the store before 6:00 a.m., roam the aisles until I found a stockman and ask for boxes.  No guarantees, no promises, simply show up and throw myself on the mercy of the workers. 

I rose at 4:30 a.m. to shower before heading out the door, figuring that if I looked fresh, clean and presentable I would stand a better chance of winning some boxes.  I arrived at the store a little after 5:30 a.m.   Only a few cars were scattered in the dimly lit parking lot, cars I attributed to store workers.  But I couldn’t see anyone inside.  The lights were on but the store seemed lifeless and I worried that I might not be able to get in.  Sure enough, I walked up to my usual door and it was locked.   Not only was the revolving door locked, shopping carts were upended between the two interior glass doors.   The store takes up almost an entire city block and it was freezing outside.  I thought momentarily about getting back in my car to drive across the lot to the other door, but that was stupid.     So I ran to the other door, found it open and walked into the store. 

Without the bustle of people, the piped-in music was creepy loud.   I felt unsure of what to do.   I walked further into the store and came upon a worker stocking the shelves in the pharmacy, Aisle 2. 

Is it possible to get some boxes?”

“Talk to the guy in Aisle 10.” 

I walked down several aisles and found two men working in Aisle 10.

“Is is possible to get some boxes?”

“Try a couple aisles down.”

“Is it possible to get some boxes?”

“Go to Aisle 16.”

This was voicemail hell personified.  I continued on to Aisle 16 and there I found Neil.  He jumped up and asked what I needed the boxes for so he could better help me.   Dressed in black slacks, white shirt and a black jacket, he did not wear an apron like the other workers did.   I assumed he was a supervisor.  Lanky and quick, he looked familiar to me and I later realized he was a blond version of my youngest brother Mike who passed away many years ago.  Neil raced to the back of the store, to the restricted area and came out with an armful of boxes. 

You need a cart.” And off he raced to get one for me. 

When he returned, he loaded the boxes for me chatting away.  

You look like a lawyer.”  He said.  I laughed and shook my head.

I explained I was moving to Arizona to live and work at a retreat center.  He introduced himself and the conversation turned to horses and his family’s love of the animal.   He asked how far I would be from Vegas and I told him about the Aravaipa Canyon. 

Over the next few days Neil saved up boxes for me, carefully choosing sturdy boxes that were not too big and therefore manageable.   I picked up the last batch today, New Year’s Day.   Neil expressed his desire to come visit the Canyon with his wife one day. 

May I give you my card?   Next time I am in Vegas with my Jenny I would like to get in touch with you and possibly explore the Canyon.” 

“Of course!   How often do you get there?”

“A few times a year I get there for bowling.   I bowl in tournaments with the USBC, the US Bowling Congress.  I used to bowl five times a week, but now I only have the chance to bowl twice a week.   But I do like to go to the tournaments.”

His remark blew me away.   My mother is a bowler but that wasn’t it.  Bowling was a passion for my brother Mike.  I could imagine my brother, seeing my need for boxes, scrolling through his angelic rolodex of bowlers to find Neil, the right person to help me.   His way of saying “good luck.”

I drove home with my car packed with boxes.  Today, this first day of 2010, I realized that every day is full of magic and it comes in the most unlikely ways. 

My resolutions for the New Year:

·         To embrace the beauty and joy of each and every day.

·         To give thanks for the abundance in my life each and every day.

·         To recognize that true prosperity and abundance comes in the forms of health and creative flow.  How lovely to know.

·         To open my heart to all who cross my path.   Every person, animal, stone, tree, and situation comes in to my life for a reason.  I will listen to and embrace the message each brings.

·         To remember that although I cannot see the future, it is enough to know that it is coming.

·         To be present in each and every moment, each minute, each second, and each nano-second.

·         To be authentic and true to myself.

·         To listen.

·         To garden.

·         To explore.

·         To serve.

·         To pray.

·         To create.

·         To write.



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