Two For One Today

Two poems for the price of one today….


Fresh oranges make you young


Like wading a creek in rubber boots

Splashing water like a child, stomping the sand


Or hiking a trail with a new friend

Three dogs keeping pace, tails wagging your joy


Or no jacket in January

Stepping outside to sun, the widest blue sky


Or climbing a tree, wrapping fingers around a

Golden fruit, a gentle tug and it’s mine


Juice running down my chin, citrus in my nose

Boxes and boxes of fresh oranges

What could be better?




Coatimundis climb ladders and drag race on the roof

Critters in the night clever claws make me contemplate.

Is it one?  Is it two?  Is it a dance under the moon

And the stars?  Scrabbling show-offs won’t let me sleep

Until I turn on the porch light

Then they flee. 

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