Top Twenty

The top twenty things I have learned since moving to Arizona

·         Coatimundis know how to climb ladders

·         Roadrunners really are that fast!

·         Walking in the creek in rubber boots is a blast.

·         Hiking sticks are handy.

·         A “tank” is a mud puddle.  

·         It’s a long drive to town.   Make a list.

·         Prickly pear syrup is my new favorite food.

·         Fresh squeezed orange juice is a close second.

·         Cowboy songs are the true Country Western songs.   They make you cry.

·         Cow manure is good compost.   Horse manure is not.

·         There are four growing seasons depending upon what you want to grow.

·         How to drive a “Little Mule”.

·         How to use a chain saw.

·         Cottonwood burns fast, pecan wood burns slow.  Mesquite wood smells sweet.

·         I always thought I was strong.   Now I know I am.

·         Ranch work cures insomnia.

·         The beauty of a Century plant.

·         All the colors of the sky.

·         True abundance.

·         I am home.

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