Meditation Under A Tree

Rough against my hand, the tree folds in and around itself,

A spiraling scar, smoothing trauma of long ago,

It grasps the past before reaching for new.

The whorl in the tree whispers to me.


I know secrets, doorways to inspiration.

The past is but a seed, planted deep in the dirt of despair.

Water it with your tears; share the sun of your smile

And beauty will burst forth in your soul.



In the shelter of the tree I sit and rest,

Nestling amid the roots, back braced against bark.

I am welcomed like a lost daughter.

Leaves rustle with delight at my homecoming.


Roots are your support, send them deep.

Seek strength in the core of Mother Earth,

Hold true and fast with your heart

For true power is rooted in love.


A branch takes my gaze upward to see

A nest perched, empty and waiting,

Intricately woven of twigs and dreams,

Together we anticipate new life filled with song.

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